Copper Compass – smoothing the path of your relocation to Berlin

Find Your Way to Berlin – with Copper Compass!Your Relocation Service for the German Capital

Berlin is booming. Berlin is expanding. Berlin is en vogue. Berlin is vibrant with creative energy. Berlin is on its way to becoming the city in Germany and, perhaps, Europe.

Are you or your employees planning to move to the German capital? Do you wish to quickly adapt to your new surroundings, so you can focus on your job and on experiencing the unique flair of this city? Are you looking for a relocation service that is both professional and precise, and yet personal too?

I would be happy to provide exactly the kind of support you need. Whether you’re coming to Berlin on a one-off project or intend to stay a while – Copper Compass will make sure you get a good start in the city.

My customers value Copper Compass for my attention to detail, my careful preparation and my success in fulfilling their wishes.

I don’t just want to guide you through the city – I want to bring the city to you.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Best Regards,

Aleksandra Zielinski