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Relocation ServiceMoving to Berlin Smoothly

It is a challenge to open yourself up to life in a new city or country. But it’s not one you and/or your employees have to face alone! Clearing all obstacles on your path to your new home is at the heart of my definition of relocation service. This service includes the following:

Visa and Immigration Service

Prior to moving, you have to apply for an entry clearance and a residence permit. I will coordinate the application process and help you with putting together the required papers, as well as arranging for translations if necessary.

How to Get Your Bearings

As a certified tourist guide, I’d love to show you around your new hometown. This will give you and/or your employees an overview not only of the major sights and the many colorful facets of Berlin, but also of possible places to live. Furthermore, I am happy to organize your hotel booking and an airport shuttle service or come and pick you up in person if you prefer.

Looking for a New Home

It isn’t easy to find the right place to call home. Together, we will draw up a profile of your requirements, according to which I will scout the market and compile a shortlist of suitable properties. After that I will accompany you through from viewing the apartments to signing the tenancy agreement, including moving-in checklist, security deposit and finder’s fee. If necessary I can organize temporary accommodation for you until you move in.


Once you’ve made your decision to live here in Berlin (or your time in our beautiful city comes to an end), an efficient and trustworthy moving company needs to be found. I’m going to present several possibilities to you and contact the company of your choice. I’ll coordinate the dates and the moving process. I’d also be happy to arrange for craftsmen and cleaning services.


Electricity, water, gas, (mobile) phone, Internet connections – these essentials for your new home need to be taken care of, and again I can save you time and trouble. The market is constantly changing, but I’ll find the best offers for your area and keep an eye on their notice periods. I can also assist you in opening a bank account and registering for the GEZ (German public broadcast fee).

Agencies and Administration

There are numerous formalities to consider when moving to a city in Germany, such as (de-)registration, a work permit, an acceptance of a driver’s license or even the dog license fee. I’d be happy to aid you with the application forms.


Moving with children raises additional questions: Where to find good schools and kindergartens? Do they fulfill our expectations and those of our children? Is there a suitable apartment nearby?

I’m able to show you German and international schools and help you with the registration. I can also give you an introduction to the German educational system if you’d like. Finally, I can organize extracurricular activities such as learning an instrument or private tutoring.

Integration and Cultural Exchange

If you are not from Germany, you will probably want to get to know our culture and, at the same time, stay in contact with your home country. Whether you’re looking for language courses or cultural exchange programs, I have a variety of contacts to choose from.

Another important part of feeling at home is resuming your hobbies and building up a new social network, and I can be of assistance to you in these areas as well.

Service Packages

There aren’t any, really. Every individual has a unique personality, so it would be strange to assume that the relocation of an individual could be less unique. My aim is not to provide service “off the shelf”, but support as you need it. Feel free to contact me about offers and prices!

I’m excited to work with you. I am looking forward to your inquiry!